60V 8000W color screen intelligent sine wave programmable renewable electric motorcycle | electric bicycle modification kit

Brand: Lei Shun
Voltage: 48V-72V
Item No .: RM-IC-V3 273-48
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Product Category: Transit V3 273 Tile Motor
Whether cross-border supply: Yes
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RisunMotor Exclusive Customized Super High Power E-Motorcycle 48V-72V 6000-10000W Intelligent Programmable Regenerative Sine Wave Controller Electric bicycle DIY Conversion Kits with Colorful Display(雷瞬独家定制大功率彩屏仪表智能可编程可再生正弦波控制器系统电动自行车改装套件)

High Motor Efficiency/电机效率: >90%
Max Torque/扭矩: 200 N.M.|牛米
Speed/速度: About 80-150km/大约时速在80-150公里每小时
Hub dropout width/电机宽度: 155mm rear hub motor/后轮毂电机 (Single-speed Gear/标配单飞)

Features of the Product (产品参数):
①. High Quality RisunMotor|QS V3 273 48-72V 6000-10000W Brushless Gearless Hub Motor|Rear Wheel-Single Speed Freewheel (Includes Tire and tube)/全顺|雷瞬无刷无齿后轮旋式电机轮/单速飞轮-电机磁钢采用瓦片省电增强版 (包含越野内外胎)
②. 30 MOSFET 200A 48-72V 6000-10000W Intelligent Programmable Regenerative Sine Wave Controller/雷瞬独家定制大功率智能可编程可再生正弦波控制器系统
③. 48V, 60V, 72V Full color TFT RM-750c Display/雷瞬3.2寸彩屏仪表
④. RisunMotor RM-D700 Hydraulic Disc Brake, cut off power/雷瞬断电油刹
⑤. RisunMotor PT-1 Twist Throttle Drive/雷瞬旋转调速把
⑥. KT-BZ-4(8) Pedelec Assistant Sensor/8 Magnetic PAS Drive/雷瞬助力传感系统
⑦. Alarm System|Remote start + Alarm + Motor Lock/远程启动及电子防盗和电机锁死功能

 Packing information (包装信息):
 Gross weight: 28kgs/毛重
 Packing size: 70x30x70cm/包装尺寸

Featured Pictures (产品细节展示图片):

18寸 48V 4000W Electric Bike DI

18寸48V 4000W Electric Bike DIY

19寸48V 4000W 电机轮-1.jpg

200A Sine Wave Controller

RisunMotor TFT-750C Colorful D

RisunMotor RM-D700 Hydraulic D

Pedal Assistant Sensor PAS KT-

RisunMotor Twist Throttle Driv

RisunMotor Alarm System Remote

Application in Electric Bicycle (应用电动自行车上展示的效果图示):
1500-3000W 彩屏智能枭龙电动自行车-2.jpg


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